You’re Gonna Be Great! A Self-Care Podcast In The Time of COVID-19.

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The world seems like it’s going to hell in a handbasket and the Coronavirus has us all trapped at home. So naturally, taking care of yourself just got a lot more important.

You’re Gonna be Great brings you expert advice and tips from mental health and wellness — from the Five Best Ways to Self-Care Hard During the COVID-19 Quarantine to How to Help Your Kids Cope, to Pro Tips That Will Save Your Relationship During a Pandemic. Host, M.E.Evans, chats with professionals, intellectuals, authors, and entrepreneurs to bring you the very best information out there.

Self-care is crucial to our health and wellbeing and even society at large. You’re Gonna be Great brings you a pandemic mental health survival kit right to the comfort of your living room, since, well, that’s the only place you can go right now anyway.



You’re Gonna Be Great! Is available on Spotify and iTunes