This One Is Especially Dramatic And Long (Depressed ME Is A Drag)

I get insanely depressed once in a while and for some reason always feel compelled to write suicide letters during that time. These might trigger some people with suicidal tendencies so if you are suffering from depression you shouldn’t read these posts. I post these in my blog because after I write them I find them to be incredibly funny. Frankly, I barely recognize myself when I go through these moments. When I go back and read them I’m like, “what the fuck are you talking about you crazy?” I also kind of love how I suddenly turn into a martyr when I’m depressed. Seriously, what is it about being sad that makes us all, “Poor everyone else, let me just make their lives easier.” When the reality is that everyone else kind of sucks and instead of being sad we should punch them. It’s true. Google it.

Photo_D3E7019E-ED7E-E8D5-4CE7-9A383B948469 Photo_67B27380-7DF3-479E-32E1-6C1B1C19EA01 Photo_D9B84661-769C-AFB8-C07B-8DD1A3EF76A7 Photo_1D6579A1-705C-4AD8-2095-C276B36175AA Photo_E3F3A36D-8EA1-6A4B-320E-9E291C8D3C6B Photo_74740FA8-5B37-CE6E-C123-ED6CCCE7800D Photo_1A2EC69C-8D53-503D-BA25-3A6414E8BD40

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