You’re Gonna Be Great! Mental Health & Wellness Via Pop Culture

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From Capybara Media, this is You’re Gonna be Great, the self-care podcast that supports you through life’s ups and downs with real mental health and wellness conversations delivered via pop culture with ME, your host, M.E.Evans. Listen in as we chat about our favorite books, music, and shows, through the lens of mental health and wellness. Join us as we talk about everything from the duality of certain K-pop stars to how to build community with the ACOTAR series. And occasionally, we chat with professionals, intellectuals, authors, and entrepreneurs to bring you compelling insight as we all attempt to grow through entertainment.

Self-care is crucial to our health and well-being and to society at large. You’re Gonna be Great brings important mental health and wellness dialogue into the comfort of your earbuds.

Want to be on the show or have an idea for something we should discuss? Put it in the comments below!


You’re Gonna Be Great! Is available on Spotify and iTunes