m.e. evans

Every time I have to write something about myself and what you’ll find here, all that I can think of are things my friends might say at my funeral. Things like, “She was that unpredictable weirdo that you loved in spite of herself,” or “Sometimes she wore pants” and “I hated to travel with her at first but eventually she wore me down.” And I suppose these things are also what you might find here: I will wear pants (probably sweatpants) and things here might be unpredictable. But I guess that’s the point. It’s a safe space to laugh, learn, and celebrate what it means to be a human, mess, and all. Plus coffee and wine.

Podcast: You’re Gonna Be Great

In You’re Gonna Be Great! Host M.E. Evans and a rotating cast of guests serve you recommendations and commentary about the latest buzzy shows, movies, music, and trending books. Each installment is forty-five minutes where opinions are shared upfront and broader cultural or mental health themes are unpacked for the second half, like using K-pop and popular booktok fantasy novels to talk about why we are so sexually attracted to duality, or how we can learn to be more gritty and resilient through the YA series Throne of Glass.  

A place to discuss the interests currently dominating my browser history and brain. Candid (chaotic) conversations about anxiety and depression, culture, and chaos. Finally living out the dream of giving a microphone to the monkey who lives inside of my head banging a pair of cymbals.

“Known for her dark humor and stinging prose, M.E. Evans often shares personal stories of her complicated family, bad travel, and her ongoing struggle with anxiety and depression. Her blog (me-evans.com) is full of candid and often funny life moments.”



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