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Preface: The Menagerie of Creatures

In retrospect, my devotion was probably not appreciated and at times toed the line of downright terrifying. Rats, for example, probably do not enjoy bike rides or bubble baths.

Asbestos, Tampons, and Intensity: A Mother’s Daily Journey

It’s always hard to jump back into blogging after a busy spell because there’s so much I want to write, I don’t know where to start. So I’m just going to go for it and summarize all of the things in a sort of update style listicle of all the things that are making me…

Found This Terrifying Painting for my Guest Room.

The other day a rare thing happened, and I got an hour to myself to hang out with one of my very good friends. We got coffee and chatted about his daughter getting married, my vampire novel in the works and how it might have an offensive amount of my real life in it, and the difficulty…

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