Who Are You Perverts?

I just went to check the traffic to this blog (because it’s new and I’m still tracking things) and I think it’s time to possibly change the name of the blog. I originally chose “dirty filthy things,” because of an angry comment I got a while about about my colorful language and I thought it was hilarious. But now I’m starting to think it’s probably not doing me any favors.

Here were some of the search results:

Pervert search terms

For things first, what do you mean by “dirty bits and doing everything together?” This just makes me think of a co-dependent couple who is also not very into hygiene? Also could be a new dating app for stinky people: Dirty Bits and Doing Everything Together-Couples who smell together stay together.

Next, this is just wrong. WHO ARE YOU PERVERTS? I mean, I don’t want to shame anyone for being into anything consensual with another adult. BUT THINK OF THE SPLINTERS!

pervert search terms

Adult put broom in the vagina? WHO’S VAGINA? Also, why? Splinters. Ouch. This leads me to the next one we need to talk about which is “huge preg? belly fuck tube.” I have SO MANY QUESTIONS about this. Please someone help.

Am currently taking new blog name suggestions for obvious reasons but also because I feel like the people who are coming here after looking for “dirty stories” are terribly disappointed. They’re looking for “darty short stoey,” and they happen across me and my endless rambling about pregnancy currently (unless you’re the person looking for huge preg belly fuck tube, then maybe you’re into it but I don’t know if I want you to be).

Please put your name suggestions below if you have any.


7 thoughts on “Who Are You Perverts?

  1. Yes! Change the name! Although I get the humor, I think you are more sophisticated and intellectual than the name reflects!

  2. “My Life Doesn’t Suck”
    “No, Really – I’m fine”
    “The Other Side” (as in, I made it through to the other side)
    “M.E. – yes, ME!”
    “To Italy and Back Again (and Again?)” You KNOW I had to have at least ONE Italy-themed title!
    “Are We There Yet?”
    “I Made It! (I Think?)”

  3. “Dirty Filthy Things” is not doing you any favors. Ok. Maybe, this is can be true, but certainly they can make you open roads to enlarge and create space to your thinking attitude.

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