Naked (In Italy): A Memoir About the Pitfalls of La Dolce Vita

NAKED (In Italy) will be released soon!

Pre-orders will be available soon! I’ll keep you updated. Tell your fam, tell your sister-wives, tell your poker buddies and book club to grab a copy to keep me stocked in wine for all of the upcoming readings (if you’ve ever been to one of mine in the past, you know I’m heavily intoxicated because public speaking is terrifying) and also make it possible for me to continue to write for a living and to prove that one junior high principal who told me I’d never amount to anything wrong (take that, you twat!).


What’s it about? Well here’s the unofficial (unproofread) blurb:

At twenty-seven years old, M. E. Evans had just graduated from college, twice, and still had no idea what to do with her life besides frequent strip clubs and fantasize about being a woman known for a sort of vague, unnamed success. But when her plans to become a better version of herself are derailed by the devastating loss of her brother, she moves to Italy no longer for personal growth but for self-preservation. While abroad, she finds herself with an Italian man with majestic chest hair and an impossible to win-over family.

In the irreverent and hilarious Naked (In Italy), Evans tells the story of how she came to Florence for its rolling green hills, cheap Chianti, and sexy Italian men only to realize that personal growth isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Sometimes it’s falling down, agoraphobia, and a mother-in-law who won’t let go of your thongs. Because at the end of the day, no matter where you run to, there you are.

Gritty, poignant, and howlingly funny, Evans’ memoir strips bare the myth of la dolce vita and shows us what it means to be beautifully flawed.


One thought on “Naked (In Italy): A Memoir About the Pitfalls of La Dolce Vita

  1. Dude – this is AWESOME!! Congrats on the publication – can’t wait to read it!
    Now go sleep for a week. 😉


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