YGBG! Podcast Episode One: How To Build Community With Smutty Books (Or Any Books, Really)

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Nothing brings a group of people together like Fae porn. Wait, let me start again. What I mean to say is nothing brings a group of people together like Fae smut.

About a year ago I was depressed af and trying to claw my way out of it when I went to my friend’s bachelorette party and (while wearing vibrating sweatbands around my wrists like I was getting ready to Jazzercise my way into an orgy) learned about a series called A Court of Thorns And Roses that, according to this group of babes, I’d “definitely be into if I liked the vampire genre.” At the time I rarely took suggestions for books, movies, or music, convinced that there was no way I’d like it (I do not know why). However, at that time, I desperately needed something to distract myself from the incessant drumming of misery in my very confusing brain. The books didn’t sound very appealing, honestly, because they are high fantasy books about humans and Faeries. I rarely read fantasy and had no interest in Faeries because it brought to mind Tinkerbell-type characters and that’s just not my thing. Still, these babes were cool and kept insisting that if I liked vampires (which I do), I would love this series, Fae or not. So I chose to trust them and downloaded the first book in the series during brunch over a steaming plate of potatoes and toast.

The first book was good. The second one was great. And by the third one, I was on Etsy buying ACOTAR coffee mugs and adding every Sarah J. Maas book to my Audible wishlist. And then it became my entire personality, the end.

Okay, so ACOTAR didn’t become my whole life, but it did change my life in a way. I’m not going to say that ACOTAR “cured my depression” because it would be a godsdamn lie. But the series did give me the tools I needed to dig myself out of the darkness, one action-packed, giant wing-span-filled book at a time. Not only did the series inspire hope, large themes include overcoming impossible obstacles, trauma, and depression, but the community that took form outside of the book itself inspired me and healed me.

It all started with a group chat, with a community of women who wanted to talk about hot Fae lords (who do not at all resemble Tinkerbell) and smut, and ended with the reinstatement of the social life I’d long buried due to anxiety and depression.

Like all YGBG episodes, it’s part personal storytime, part mental health and wellness, and part pop culture. Enjoy! And please, let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re feeling warm and tingly, you can support the podcast and my wine habit by reviewing and/or sharing it with your friends.

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“I started reading these books when I was not in a good place. But they were a first step in clawing my way back to myself.”


Alex Davis is an up & coming comedian & cat mom of two. She has relevant/necessary feminist humor & a sarcastic nature. A regular good-time gal with a love for all things fantasy. She also really loves M.E. You can find her on social media:
IG: crryybabe
Twitter: crybabe__
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Cynthia Loveland has an MA in English with a creative writing emphasis. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s designing award-winning training while listening to K-pop. Queen of sarcasm and wit. She’s also obsessed with M.E. Evans.

Podcast Transcript (unedited)

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2 thoughts on “YGBG! Podcast Episode One: How To Build Community With Smutty Books (Or Any Books, Really)

  1. Hi Misty!

    I’m so glad you found something so delightful to pull you out of the doldrums of depression. It’s been a long time since I have found a book series that engaged me so much. The last one was years ago, Philippa Gregory’s historical fiction series about the Tudor reign in England…I couldn’t get enough of them!

    And if you want something laugh-out-loud funny, try Christopher Moore’s vampire trilogy, “Vampires in San Francisco.” I was reading one of them on the subway, and by the third page I was laughing out loud on a crowded commuter train. Hilarious! His Death series is also a riot. Check him out! https://www.chrismoore.com/

    Hugs from NYC, Wynne Gavin

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