Leo is 6 Weeks Old!

It's been a wild ride. After we brought him home from the hospital I cried a lot, had a massive anxiety attack, and spent hours wondering why someone would let me leave with a breakable human being. Who decided we were fit to do this?


Why We Waited to Disclose Our Baby’s Sex

When we first found out we were pregnant, we decided not to tell anyone the sex of the baby for a while. Why? A whole kaleidoscope of reasons but basically I didn't want to listen to anyone tell me who my kid would be based entirely on their sex. One of the first questions people…

You’re a Mom! (And No Longer a Person)

I've tried to make plans with a handful of people in the last few weeks and the conversation always goes something like this: Me: Let's go blank, blank, or blank. Their reply: You'll have a baby next year. First of all, I don't need a reminder that I'm 32 weeks pregnant. Trust me, nobody needs…