Movie Club: Becoming

I thought it was fitting to kick off movie club with a documentary about a brilliant woman who has accomplished amazing things in her life. Michelle Obama, regardless of your political views, is a powerhouse of a human being and I’m excited to find out more about her life. Starring Michelle Obama. Directed by the award-winning director, Nadia Hallgren.

“Join former first lady Michelle Obama in an intimate documentary looking at her life, hopes and connection with others as she tours with “Becoming.” –Watch on Netflix

Zoom discussion on July 12th, 2020 @5:00 p.m. Mountain Time.


Apparently, Michelle Obama loves Tapas according to her Food and Wine interview so we’re going to snack hard on cheese, olives, bread and olive oil. What pairs well with Spanish Tapas? Red wine. And because we’re all experiencing so much anxiety in 2020, let’s make it a full bottle. Seriously, hand your kids to your partner and let’s just skip the glass and drink straight from the source at this point.

Excited for this! Are you joining? Questions? Put them in the comments below!

Go here for the July 2020 Movie Club Calendar and resources.

What Else Am I Watching?

“I’m checking you out! I’m checking YOU out!” I just finished Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga on Netflix. Hilarious. Rachel McAdams is a brilliant actress and it was so fun to see her return to her comedy roots. Will Ferrell is so damn funny in it and I both loved his character and also wanted to throat punch him. If you’re going to watch Eurovision Song Contest, I HIGHLY recommend hitting Youtube and watching real Eurovision videos first. Especially the 2007 Ukraine performance by Verka Serduchka because you will not be able to look away and you might never be the same again. It is peak awesome.

The Politician on Netflix, Season 2. Just finished the second season and am hoping there is a Season 3. The entire cast is amazing and this season I was especially into Gwyneth Paltrows character because I kind of want to be parts of her. Her total unflinching honesty is comedy gold. She nails it.

8 thoughts on “Movie Club: Becoming

  1. You make it sound do tempting that even I (on CET) would gladly join in to discuss (and drink wine, of course!). Great idea, I’m sure it’s gonna be fun as hell!

      1. Central European Time, I’m currently in Belgium! I believe that’s 1 a.m. during this discussion. Now I think of it, that’s the ideal time to drink wine after all…

      2. Oh no, don’t worry! I’ll manage to be there at that time, and I’m sure so will others from Europe! 🙂

    1. No! Just watch the films and come to the chats or comment on the film discussion post! I will eventually have a mailing list to help keep everyone informed on upcoming films etc!

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