The Notorious RBG

I think most of us knew this day would come sooner than later but somehow it didn’t lessen the blow. When I heard the news, I cried. Partially because i’m starting to feel nervous about what’s happening in our country with the extreme political divide and unrest. It feels scary and uncertain to lose someone like the notorious RBG right now. I’m trying really hard to focus on what we can do to make things good and to take a page from the RBG handbook to keep on no matter how far the goal seems or how difficult the road might be. But wow is it hard some days.

Ruth was such an inspiration to so many of us and especially me. I’ve spent many hours learning about her life and her battles. My toddler has an RBG doll and children’s book titled, “I Dissent.” For a woman, especially for one who has always balked at gender roles and societies silly expectations of girls, it’s incredible to see how far tenacity can take you. But feminist reasons aside, I just thoroughly love the way Ruth moved about the world. She was small but fierce. A hardcore feminist and a mom and wife (two things that should easily go together but in her time did not). She was strong in her convictions but secure enough that she wasn’t threatened by opposing beliefs. She seemed to know that politics is a game, a longterm game that cannot be won in an echo chamber. Her best friend was conservative and epic jackass Anthony Scalia. They spent much of their time together outside of work and though they argued fiercely about issues they were somehow able to see each other as humans first. This seems magical in a time where people in the US have developed a “if you don’t think like me I won’t speak to you because you’re the devil himself” perspective and while I get it, I really do, I think it’s used against us. Division has never benefitted the people. Who was it that said “if everyone is talking, who is listening?” If everyone outside of your bubble is the enemy, how do you enact real change?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a legend and has been long before she gained popularity with young progressives. She was a brilliant lawyer and intelligent woman who fought for equal rights and paved the way for the rest of us to do big and amazing things. I am deeply saddened to lose her. And also totally sick of 2020 and it’s unbearable bullshit. Please, universe, someone put bubble wrap around Dolly Parton and fast.

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