The Four Purple Horses of the Apocalypse

I don’t need to tell any of you that 2020 can eat a giant bag of donkey dongs. It’s been a pretty terrible year so far with the plague, earthquakes in Utah, the fires all over the west, schools being closed, loved ones getting sick, isolation, depression, anxiety, and as of last week hurricane winds in Utah that decimated our city (think like Wizard of Oz winds minus the tornado). Thousands of one-hundred-year-old trees have been ripped out of the ground and turned upside down on power lines, in roads, on houses, an on cars. Our roof looks like a homeless dog with mange–bald spots everywhere. Our fence is in shambles on our neighbor’s driveway and five of our neighbors didn’t have power for a week AND others won’t have it for 3-4 weeks. Nature is rejecting us. If I were a religious person I’d say we’re like a solid five minutes away from meeting Jesus.

Unfortunately, we now need a completely new roof and of course our homeowners insurance is fighting us tooth and nail over the cost because I swear they make it their job to take everything that already sucks and just, like, shit all over it. A flood? Let me rub some hot piping crap all up in there. Hurricane? Locusts? Let me grab my hot bubbling shit bucket.

On a positive note, my little has started to combine words and his favorite thing to say is “purple horse” from one of his little board books. He calls many animals, anything close to the color of purple, and also our neighbor who is a tall Indian man, “purple horse.” Honestly, I think it’s just anything (or anyone) he likes a lot. And I love that. No matter what is going on around us, he’s just sprinting through the house renaming all things to make them fun and colorful.

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