This Isn’t A Real Post

This isn’t a real post. I just wanted to remind everyone to get out and vote if you haven’t had the chance yet or are for some reason on the fence or feeling unmotivated. I’ll be the first to say that neither candidate is ideal in my opinion but we can never have a country that reflects the needs of “we the people” if “we the people” don’t make our voices heard. If you are able, go rock your vote. Then you can sit around with me and anxiously wonder what’s going to happen in the next twenty-four hours.

What a year!

It’s a little scary right now, folks. Businesses are preparing for revolt and people are talking about civil war. If we’ve learned anything from Poland, it’s that anything can happen and if “anything” happens, we ban together and do what it takes to protect each other, to demand equality, and to protect our rights.

If you’re feeling anxious and need a socially relevant laugh, check out:

Hannah Godsby’s Nanette on Netflix.

Chelsea Handler’s Evolution on HBO Max.

Collective deep breath. We need some CBD, stat.

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