What a Night, What a Morning

Saturday night we wept a little watching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris walk onto the stage to give their speeches. What a relief, what a win, and wow! A woman of color as vice-president and the first Italian-American first lady! Also, it was extra adorable to have the toddlers in the room chanting Joe Biden! Joe Biden! Like the tiny little sponges that they are while Joe spoke of unity and Kamala was like, LISTEN, PEOPLE, THERE’S A LADY IN THE HOUSE! My toddler was especially enthusiastic and ran zoomies for two hours while chanting like he himself was leading a rally of amped up babies who are surprisingly very political.

Today, it’s snowing. I mean really snowing. And it’s beautiful and cozy and I’m sipping some Earl Gray tea like I’m some kind of fancy person and watching the world turn white. It’s so peaceful. It’s a good day.

It feels like after such a shitty year we just took a giant collective sigh of relief. We have a lot of work to do. But for now, we breathe.

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