Book Deal Alert: Naked (in Italy) is Only 99 Cents Today

Hello, friends! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that my memoir, Naked, is just 99 cents today in all countries, everywhere eBooks are sold. This is made possible by Bookbub, a free service that helps you discover books you’ll love through unbeatable deals, handpicked recommendations, and updates from your favorite authors.  Like ME! This is not a sponsored ad, I just really like Bookbub and they’re the reason I have seven billion eBooks in my library that I haven’t read yet.

Naked (in Italy) deal on BookBub

About Naked For You New Folks:

“Throughout this wittily acerbic memoir, Evans offers dry humor and sharp feminist insights.” ––Kirkus Reviews

“In a series of vignettes, Evans describes her many embarrassing moments and triumphs with vivid emotional detail.” ––BookLife

A page-turning, heart-wrenching, hilarious debut in the tradition of Elizabeth Gilbert, Jenny Lawson, Samantha Irby, Cheryl Strayed, and Sally Rooney.

In her late twenties, M.E. Evans hops on a plane to Italy on a mission to change her life and that’s exactly what happens. Unfortunately, personal growth isn’t always easy. In Naked, bestselling author, M.E. Evans, tackles the personal growth narrative in a way that is refreshingly honest, unapologetically sensual, and wildly entertaining.

If you’ve ever set foot in a foreign country or picked up a travel memoir you probably think you already know what Naked is about: a dreamy personal account of the life-altering beauty that is Italy. And sure, that’s in there, nestled somewhere between the profound grief, bruised ego, debilitating anxiety, chronic depression, vagina paintings, a boyfriend with billowing chest hair, and a mother-in-law who forcibly irons your underwear. Though Naked takes place (mostly) in Italy, it’s less about travel and more about personal identity and believing in relationships.

Evans’ dream of a magical life abroad is marred by forbidden love, the death of her younger brother, and a batshit crazy family, yet she skillfully merges tragedy and humor for a wild emotional journey exploring what it means to be human–flaws and all. Evans’ wit, compassion, and vulnerability make reading this book a rarely authentic and relatable experience. You’ll cry, you’ll cackle, and you’ll want Evans to be your best friend.

You Can Get Naked at the HOT DEAL price for 99 Cents until January 26th on Amazon (in most countries), Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple.

Already read it? Have questions or comments about the book? Put them below! And please, don’t forget to review on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo! Reviews are like adult gold stars (And they prove to publishers that folks like the author’s work!).

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