12 Weeks Postpartum: Surprising Things I’ve Learned

This Sunday my baby will be twelve weeks old. Which sounds like 3 months to me but is not 3 months because like everything related to children their age is a fucking clusterfuck to figure out.

Leo is 6 Weeks Old!

It's been a wild ride. After we brought him home from the hospital I cried a lot, had a massive anxiety attack, and spent hours wondering why someone would let me leave with a breakable human being. Who decided we were fit to do this?

My Birth Story: My Vagina is Just Fine, Thanks

On January 5th, Francesco and I had dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours, one of those "southern style" places that serve the kind of comfort food that you crave when you're sad and delivers you one meal closer to a heart attack. Francesco was gnawing on fried chicken,  I sliced away at fried green…